Girl Scouts Give Thanks

As their 4th year of Girl Scout cookie sales wrapped up, the Brownie Girl Scouts of Troop 3908 learned a lot about Folsom’s incredible community.

This troop of eight 3rd graders is funded for the entire year based on these sales…  Each box of cookies also goes to fund many of the Girl Scout Council programs that they’ve been fortunate to experience.  The girls learned many different skills from how to run a business, manage money, and market a product.

Here  are a few of the letters that the girls themselves wrote to thank you personally for your money, patience, and support.

Dear Folsom Community,

Thank you for supporting Troop 3908 this year by buying Girl Scout Cookies from us in front of Lowes. We will be using the money for special trips such as horseback riding, and fishing lessons.  Some of the money will also go to keeping up our camps that we use every year – Camps Fleming and Menzies. Thank you so much and enjoy your cookies!




Dear City of Folsom,

I want to send a sincere thank you to all my neighbors and the entire Folsom community who purchased Girl Scout cookies in front of Lowes and Raley’s from me and my Girl Scout Troop.My troop and I are going to use the money for field trips such as fishing, riding horses, and a Girl Scout event called “thinking day.”Thinking Day is an annual event. Each Girl Scout troop selects a different country, makes a booth about that country, and creates an activity involved with that Country.  At the actual event, we get to visit all the different booths and learn about the different Countries.  Thinking Day is one of my favorite events of the year. 

Thanks again for purchasing the cookies and supporting my Girl Scout Troop!




Through your generous support of Girl Scouts, I have sold over 300 boxes of cookies – more than three times the goal for each individual! Even better than the total sales, YOU donated 138 boxes of delicious cookies to U.S. military troops overseas! Wow!

Our Brownie Troop is on track to sell 1500 boxes of cookies overall, a new accomplishment for us! Because we exceeded our goal, we are going to donate our time to a local animal shelter, the prize we voted on in the planning stage of cookie sales. We look forward to helping out with all the cute animals and especially playing with the puppies and kittens.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are all so generous!