Factoids About Palladio District

GoPalladio.com mentions a few interesting facts about the scenery at Palladio Mall..

– Authentic Italian street lights are found throughout the Theatre District. These lights and poles are imported from Italy, manufactured by Neri. Each pole was assembled by craftsman on site and can be found illuminating Via Sole and Via Fiori. World renowned lighting designer, T. Kondos Associates, was instrumental in the selection of these very special features at Palladio.

– Red carpet leads from the Film Festival through the Theatre Plaza to the Theatre entrance. It’s glass surface imparts a glow inviting theatre goers to simply enjoy the surroundings. Over 1,000 square feet of glass surfaced the “red carpet”. The red is created beginning with concrete that is infused with red pigment and accented with recycled red glass to give the sparkling effect.