’s Best of Folsom

My Folsom’s Best

Citizens pick their favorite restaurants, businesses, and entertainment venues!


Best of Folsom 2012

This year, we decided to mix it up a bit. The goal of the Best of Folsom was to recognize local businesses and hopefully drive a little traffic their way.


Best of Folsom 2011

This year we did a run-off with the top vote-getters for Restaurant of the Year.


Best of Folsom 2010

Big winners this year were Jack’s, Karen’s, and Manderes. No surprise though, as you really won’t go wrong at any of them.


Best of Folsom 2009

It’s our 7th annual “Best of Folsom” campaign. It wasn’t very long ago that we started out to give our nod of approval to the best places in town


Best of Folsom 2008

Our sixth annual “Best of Folsom” campaign is finally finished, and we once again had well more than 2,000 responses to vote on the best Folsom has to offer! 


Best of Folsom 2007

As the ‘Best of Folsom’ awards now enters their fifth year, it’s a time of change. Old favorites closed their doors (Gold Miner Cafe, Ettore’s), while new businesses storm the city with excitement!


Best of Folsom 2006

Our fourth annual “Best of Folsom” campaign.


Best of Folsom 2005

Our third annual “Best of Folsom” campaign


Best of Folsom 2004

You voted on 2004’s best of the best, cream of the crop! Here’s the winner of the 2004 MyFolsom.Com “Best of Folsom”. With almost 500 votes this year, you surely won’t be disappointed at this year’s choices!


Best of Folsom 2003

Our first annual “Best of Folsom” campaign.

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