Best of Folsom 2010

It’s our 8th annual “Best of Folsom” campaign… it was time to retire a few categories and bring in some new ones. Long overdue was things like Best Salad (Jack’s) & Best Happy Hour (Manderes).

We offended a few (someone didn’t like our “cougar” category), but once again we got 1000 or so votes.

Big winners this year were Jack’s, Karen’s, and Manderes. No surprise though, as you really won’t go wrong at any of them.

Some categories never make it to Best of Folsom – for they are considered “no choice” categories. For example, best Church… one would assume you would vote for your own church (otherwise, why would you go?)

We always forget a few, but 2011 is just around the corner. Thanks for voting!

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Best New Business 2010 1. Sutter Street Steakhouse
2. Dominick’s Italian Deli
3. Acorn Cafe
Best Pizza 1. Chicago Fire
2. Pizzeria Classico
3. Roma’s Pizzeria III
Best Mexican Food 1. La Fiesta
2. Mexquite
3. Q’Bole
Best Steak or Seafood 1. Scott’s Seafood
2. Sutter Street Steakhouse
3. Tahoe Joe’s
Best Italian Food 1. Visconti Ristorante
2. Macaroni Grill
3. Dominick’s Italian Deli
Best Chinese Food 1. Fat’s Asia Bistro
2. Hop Sing
3. T2 Yan
Best California Cuisine
1. Jack’s Urban Eats
2. Bidwell Street Bistro
3. Manderes
Best Sushi 1. Taiko Sushi
2. Wasabi Sushi
3. Maguro
Best Thai Food (NEW) 1. Thai Paradise
2. Thai Ginger
3. Thai Siam
Best Cultural Cuisine 1. Old Europe
2. Kabob House
3. Pho Boc Hoa Viet
Best Vegetarian Food 1. Mylapore
2. Acorn Cafe
3. The Big Salad Shop
Best Sandwiches 1. Beach Hut Deli
2. Mr. Pickle
3. La Bou
Best Casual Dining 1. Jack’s Urban Eats
2. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery
3. Manderes
Best Salad (NEW) 1. Jack’s Urban Eats
2. Karen’s
3. La Bou
Best Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt 1. Big Spoon
2. Nuyo
3. Cold Stone Creamery
Best Coffee Bar 1. Peet’s Coffee
2. Starbucks
2. Karen’s
Best Burgers 1. In-N-Out
2. Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks
3. Red Robin
Best French Fries 1. In-N-Out
2. Jack’s Urban Eats
3. McDonald’s
Best Dessert 1. Karen’s Bakery
2. Snook’s
3. BJ’s Brewpub
Best Breakfast 1. Karen’s Bakery
2. Sutter Street Grill
3. Gold Miner Cafe
Best Lunch Spot 1. Jack’s Urban Eats
2. Karen’s Bakery
3. La Bou
Best Place to Take a Date 1. Bidwell Street Bistro
2. Manderes
3. Sutter Street Steakhouse
Best Local Chain 1. Chicago Fire
2. Fat’s Asia Bistro
3. Jack’s Urban Eats
Best Bar 1. Manderes
2. BJ’s Brewpub
3. Streets of London
Best Wine Bar (NEW!) 1. Back Wine Bar
2. The Cellar
3. Wine Styles
Best Bartender 1. Brent, Manderes (aka the dude with the curly hair)
2. Joel, Scarlet’s
3. Tara, Folsom Hotel
Best Waiter/Waitress 1. Merany, Wild Bill’s
2. Gina, Purple Place
3. Ryan, Bidwell Street Bistro
Best Appetizers 1. BJ’s Brewub
2. Fat’s Asia Bistro
3. Manderes
Best Happy Hour (NEW!) 1. Manderes
2. Fat’s Asia Bistro
3. Tahoe Joe’s
Best Restaurant 2010 1. Old Europe
2. Bidwell Street Bistro
3. Chicago Fire
Best Tourist Attraction 1. Sutter Street
2. American River Bike Trail
3. Folsom Lake
Best Kept Secret
1. Acorn Cafe
2. American River Bike Trail
3. Still a secret!
Best Folsom Event 1. Folsom Live!
2. Thursday Night Market
3. Folsom Wine & Jazz
Best Barber 1. Folsom Barber
2. Great Clips for Hair
3. Sport Clips
Best Grocery Store 1. Trader Joe’s
2. Raley’s
3. Winco
Best Gift Store 1. Periwinkle
2. Clouds
3. Dorothea’s Christmas
Best Sutter Street Merchant 1. Snook’s
2. Clouds
3. Black Rooster
Best Beauty Salon 1. Sculptures Salon & Spa
2. Hoshall’s for Hair
3. Chez TJ
Best Veterinarian 1. Blue Ravine Animal Hospital
2. Pet Vets
3. Folsom Veterinary Hospital
Best Health Club 1.California Family Fitness
2. 24 Hour Fitness
3. Broadstone Racquet Club
Favorite City Council Member 1. Kerri Howell
2. Steve Miklos
3. Ernie Sheldon

Assorted Nonsense

Best Place to People Watch Sutter Street
Best Place to Find “Cougars”Best Casual Dining Powerhouse Pub
Best Place to Take a Picture Rainbow Bridge (on the rocks)
Best Place to Mooch off Free WiFi It’s a Grind
Best Bang for Your Buck In-N-Out
Best Sunday Drive Salmon Falls Road
Best Restaurant That Didn’t Make It Malabar
Best View Sudwerks
Best Place That Could Really Use Your Business Right About Now Acorn Cafe
Best Zoo Animal Bear
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