Best of Folsom 2004

You voted on 2004’s best of the best, cream of the crop! Here’s the winner of the 2004 MyFolsom.Com “Best of Folsom”. With almost 500 votes this year, you surely won’t be disappointed at this year’s choices!

Best Breakfast: Gold Miner Cafe
426 East Bidwell Street
Take one look at the Gold Miner on weekends and you’ll quickly find out it is a popular place – there’s usually a large crowd waiting outside for a table! As quoted from one MyFolsom.Com netizen, Gold Miner has a “Good old-fashioned diner atmosphere… Classic waitresses and gigantic food”. We couldn’t have summed it up any better ourselves!
Honorable Mention: Sutter Street Grille

Best Burgers: Red Robin
1011 Riley St
Red Robin, though it is a national chain, was a clear favorite in this category. With an amazing selection of regular burgers, chicken burgers, and veggie burgers, you won’t go away hungry. Also a strong candidate in the “Best French Fries” category. Check it out when you’re in the mood for a good burger – and don’t forget one of their signature shakes!

Best Pizza: Chicago Fire
614 Sutter St
This newcomer has obviously been a huge hit in Folsom… a “one horse race” as one of our community members puts it. Chicago Fire is a popular spot to get a great deep-dish pizza right before hitting Powerhouse Pub for some live music, or simply on its own as a great place to take a date. Hats off to Chicago Fire!
Honorable Mention: Ciro’s Pizza

Best Chinese Food: Jennie’s Palace
1004 E. Bidwell St.
For the second straight year, Jennie’s Palace wins in a landslide! Some comments include that the place is very clean, food is well prepared, and lots of attention to detail. Jennie usually takes the time to come by and say hi to everyone – she’s definitely an attention-getter!
Honorable Mention: Golden Lake, China House

Best Mexican Food: Sol Azteca
409 Natoma St
“Sol” is once again voted as the best Mexican in all of Folsom by community members. Whether you are stopping by for lunch or are going out for dinner, the ambiance of Sol Azteca is superb – “classy yet unassuming” as one entry put it. This is just one perk, as the food here is top-notch as well.

Best Fresh Mex: Baja Fresh
1870 Prairie City Rd
“Baja” is one of the popular lunch spots with the Intel crowd – located right across the street, it’s easy walking distance. This is not what makes the place so popular however – the food is awesome. An added bonus is that a lot of the food is actually very healthy! The chicken tacos are a staple of many a diet – whether you are counting calories or not – it’s yummy!
Honorable Mention: Dos Coyotes, Sharky’s, Chipotle

Best Cultural Cuisine: Priya
601 E. Bidwell St
Priya’s Indian Cuisine is a great place to stop by when you are not in the mood for your standard restaurant fare. Several of our community members rave about their lunch buffet and curry dishes – it’s no secret why this place is popular – the food is awesome! Check it out if haven’t had the chance!
Honorable Mention: Amarin Thai, Thai Siam, Taj India

Best American Food: Zinfandel Grille
705 Gold Lake Dr
“Zin” is most definitely “In”. If you like any of the Paragary’s restaurants in Sacramento – you will most definitely enjoy his latest creation in Folsom. Known for their great steaks and trendy cuisine – Zinfandel Grille is also well known for its great desserts! Stop by when you want some great food!
Honorable Mention: Bailie’s, Tahoe Joe’s, Red Robin

Best European Food: Bidwell Street Bistro
1004 E Bidwell St
Bidwell Street Bistro is quite a popular spot, as it received many votes for lots of different categories. One of our netizens notes on the great french classics, and several members were very fond of the owner, David. Bidwell Street Bistro is a popular place on the weekends – one stop over there and you’ll see why!

Best Ice Cream: Snook’s
731 Sutter Street
Snook’s has been a Folsom favorite for many years now. With its new location, it surely is a great spot to stop by and drool over all the candies and chocolates Snook’s offers, and watch them make chocolate! This is all secondary to the best ice cream in town, as our members proclaim!
Honorable Mention: Tasty Time

Best Frozen Yogurt: Tasty Time
1870 Prairie City Rd / 25004 Blue Ravine Rd
Tasty Time now has 2 locations to serve you best, and when you are not eating some of their delicious ice cream, ice cream cakes, and frozen creations, their frozen yogurt is top-notch. Would you like sprinkles with that? We do.
Honorable Mention: Yogurt Delite

Best Lunch Spot: Season’s
Sutter Street
This category was a very hard pick for many of our community members, as it was a choice of all of the best lunch spots all over town. Season’s was the victor, however, and whether you go there for breakfast or lunch, you’ll go away full… and happy!
Honorable Mention: Bidwell Street Bistro

Best Sushi: Tokyo Sushi
1002 Riley St
Believe it or not, Folsom is home to many a sushi restaurant. Tokyo Sushi is this year’s winner for the best of the best. One of our community members swears by their California Roll, while another comments that their miso soup makes them “miso happy”!

Best Sandwiches: Beachhouse Deli
411 Blue Ravine Rd
Beachhouse is your classic surfer deli – right down to the surfboard tables! This deli serves up *huge* sandwiches, so leftovers are often not a problem. The staff is friendly (and quite attractive as noted by a few patrons), food is excellent, and ambiance makes you feel like the beach is right outside. A great spot for a great lunch. One of our members recommends the “Surfer Bird”.

Best Coffee Bar: Bella Bru 1115 E. Bidwell St
As voted the second year in a row, Bella Bru beat out the corporate monster of Starbuck’s with it’s friendly staff, excellent food, and of course, great coffee. One dog owner is quite appreciative, as it is one of the few “dog friendly” eateries in town with their outdoor patio. 2 thumbs (or paws) up, once again!

Best French Fries: McDonald’s
1018 Riley St
McDonald’s takes a beating due to the fact that it’s a corporate giant, however it was a hands-down winner in this year’s “Best of Folsom”. Their fries are fresh, crispy, and well, delicious!
Honorable Mention: Red Robin

Best Desserts: Ettore’s
510 Natoma Station Drive
Ettore’s is the restaurant of choice when you want to get your sweet tooth on. One netizen proclaimed that they always take their clients to Ettore’s, because the desserts are incredible, and the customer is always impressed. Take home a cake or pastry today and find out why!

Best Fast Food: Carl’s Jr
1016 E. Bidwell St
Carl’s is one of the best fast foods in any town, partly because they make food a little differently. Some may be turned off by sloppy burgers, but not us. That’s what make them good! A couple of comments applaud their new Six Dollar burger, while the criss-cut fries are always a crowd pleaser. (Hmmm, I’m getting hungry for some Carl’s criss cut fries…)

Best Chain Restaurant: Macaroni Grille
2739 E. Bidwell St.
One of Folsom’s attractions is the inclusion of so many of the best chain restaurants in the nation! “MacGrille” as some may call it, is famous for its unique food and reasonable prices. May we suggest the Grilled Salmon or Chicken Portobello – both will not disappoint!

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