20 Questions With… Sean Hetherington


Comedian Sean Hetherington grew up in  Folsom. Being a lazy child in a small town left plenty of time to binge on candy corn and TV. His first big break was as a prize-wielding madman for pro hockey’s Nashville Predators. There Hetherington’s once bulbous frame slipped ass-first on the ice in front of 17,000 ruthless fans and a live television audience on Fox Sports! The rest… is history. After losing 80 pounds and committing to a life making people laugh, Hetherington performs regularly all over Northern California–next up a huge show in Downtown Sacramento at Luna’s Cafe this Saturday night, November 29. Admission’s just $5, no drink minimum. What a bargain!

1. What do you do for a living?
I’m a struggling (but funny and recently handsome) stand-up comedian.  But not funny or handsome enough to afford living in Folsom.

2. How did that come about?
My life hit rock bottom personally and professionally and telling people about it made them laugh.  They said, “Wow, you should talk about that on stage!”  Nothing says comedy apparently like being fired, degraded, and made fun of for being out of shape.

3. If you could interview anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
Britney Spears.  She has made SO MUCH money selling product without worth.  I want to see if she is really smart or if we’re just really stupid.

4. What cartoon character you most identify with?
I guess I am like Vanity from the Smurfs or maybe Miss Piggy.  I am highly neurotic, thus making me the foil of many a joke.   This is an interesting question that I’ve never been asked before.  More and more I meet people who have unhealthy obsessions with cartoon characters.  I met a woman with body art of TAZ above her breast.  That scares me.  It makes me want to get rid of my Doogie Howser tattoo.

5. What brought you to Folsom?
I came to Folsom to open a video store, but then there were already sixteen of those so I thought, “How about a pizza place?”  Hmm, 28 of those.  Then I figured, “Ok, maybe I should just finish elementary school.”  That was in 1987.   And congratulations are in order.  I’m going to finish this spring!

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6. What do you like best about it?
What I love about Folsom is that I have made so many lifelong friends there.  I still hang out with my childhood buddies, mostly because I have social anxiety disorder and don’t respond well to new people.

7. What would you change?
I would put in some sort of night spot for teens to hang out.  When I was growing up we had a place called “The Bowl” where we could go build a campfire and be silly teenagers.  The teens that live their now, jeesh, I think they must all be in bed by 9 o’clock!

8. Favorite Folsom restaurant?
I love Mission Rogelio and Tokyo Sushi.  But my all time fave is Changs Mongolian Grill…and not for their desert bar.  That BBQ lunch special is CRAZY GOOD!

9. What do you do when not working?
Collect Garbage Pail kids. 

10. What would be your dream job?
I guess I already have it.  I’ve always wanted to be a comedian.  I’d like to make a little bit more money at it and increase my traveling to more exotic places…like Reno.
11. If you could open your own business here in Folsom, what would it be?
I would open a homeless shelter to scare away the Empire Ranch developers. 

12. What’s your favorite local getaway?
I like to take a drive to Folsom to be alone and write.  The wetlands in Lexington Hills make me feel safe and warm, as does a one hour block of the Golden Girls.

13. Favorite guilty pleasure?
Latin pop stars.

14. Last book read?
The Color Purple by Alice Walker.  I learned from it that I won’t find happiness until I’m in my twilight years and my sister comes home from Africa.  That’s sad too, cause I only have a brother–and he hasn’t left yet.

15. Favorite movie of all time?
E.T. and Christmas Vacation hold equally special places in my heart, but The Cable Guy starring Jim Carrey and directed by Ben Stiller is my all-time favorite flick.  “Wake up little snoozie, smell the smellin’ salts!”


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16. Biggest pet peeve?
People who say, “Uh-huh” or “Mm-hmm” after you say, “Thank-you.”  That is so LIBRARIAN!  It’s so pretentious.  Just say, “You’re welcome!” or “No Problem.”

17. What’s missing from Folsom?
21 of the alphabet’s finest letters…and a comedy night. 

18. Favorite part of the country to visit?
For reals, when I get time off I like to be in Folsom with family and friends…but if they ever disown me I’ll set up shop in Chicago.  I love making fun of their accents.

19. Worst tasting food you’ve ever tried?
Growing up the only food my brother and I didn’t like was split pea soup with ham.  So to get us to eat it our mom would make it on Halloween before we were allowed to go trick or treating.  And they wonder why I’m in therapy.

20. Favorite website?
I really appreciate all the work that goes into web sites now that I have my own, and since that is the one I usually see all the time, I pick that as my fave.  I know, I’m a shameless whore.  It’s also a place where you can get my calendar and where we raised $2000 in goods and services for Run For the Hungry!  www.saccomedy.com
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