20 Questions With… Jim Pelley


For more than 18 years, Jim Pelley has brought the power and value of humor in the workplace to hundreds of thousands of people at top corporations and organizations worldwide. Jim’s finely tuned ability to customize his programs delights audiences in such diverse fields as high tech, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and government. Pelley developed his skills as a stand-up comedian and comedy writer. He has worked with the Showtime cable television network, and was a contributing writer for the original Saturday Night Live show.

Jim Pelley

1. What do you do for a living?
I am a professional speaker and seminar leader on the use of humor and creativity as tool for transitioning change in the workplace. 

2. How did that come about?
I have always been fascinated with how humor works … in college I began researching humor and persuasion…I worked as a stand up comic and was fortunate enough to have some of my comedy appear on Saturday Night Live.

3. What was it like working for SNL?
“Firings will continue until morale improves…”

4. What cartoon character you most identify with?
Pink Panther

5. What brought you to Folsom?
At the time (3 years ago) both of my employees lived here and loved it.

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6. What do you like best about it?
Small town charm, I grew up in the Napa Valley and Folsom has that same flavor, but with big perks (Costco, Home Depot 5 Starbucks) and I can walk to the lake from my house.

7. What would you change?
Not much, I think, the city has done a great job of balancing growth with the needs and visions of the community. OK, if I had a magic wand ~ the dam road would be open…

8. Favorite Folsom restaurant?
I have many: Bidwell Street Bistro, Bailies, Chicago Fire, and Sutter Street Grill.

9. What do you do when not working?
I just finished building a waterfall in my backyard…I enjoy gardening, being out on the bike trails and reading.

10. What would be your dream job?
I cannot imagine a better job than what I do right now.

11. If you could open your own business here in Folsom, what would it be?
One of those fancy garden-nursery outdoorsy fun places that sells local artist treasures.

12. What’s your favorite local getaway?
A van down by the river (uh just kidding) … Nevada City or Lake Tahoe

13. Favorite guilty pleasure?
Not sure I should admit that on the internet…a great glass of chardonnay — but I really don’t feel that guilty about it?

14. Last book read?
The Giggler Treatment by Roddy Doyle ~ it was fantastic

15. Favorite movie of all time?
Dead Poets Society

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16. Biggest pet peeve?
People who are confused about how the whole slow lane, fast lane concept works.

17. What’s missing from Folsom?
Two weeks a ago I would have said Trader Joes.

18. Favorite part of the country to visit?

19. Worst tasting food you’ve ever tried?
I really can’t recall.

20. Favorite website?

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