20 Questions With… Doug Husen

Doug Husen has been a Folsom resident for about a decade and serves as the Associate Pastor at New Song Christian Church. Doug is one of the nicest, caring guys you’re likely to meet, but still plays a mean game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Find out more about Doug and some of the things that make him a great Folsom resident.


1) What brought you to Folsom?
I was invited by a friend to help start a brand new church that now meets in the high school. It’s called New Song.

2) What do you like best about Folsom?
I like the relaxed pace of life, clean air, and friendly people. I also like to see new businesses, restaurants, etc. popping up all over town.

3) What do you like least about Folsom?
The Starbucks close way too early on the weekends. What up with that?

4) What do you do for a living?
Help people take their next step of spiritual growth.

5) When did you know you wanted to go into the ministry?
I can’t really identify a time when I felt a “calling” or overwhelming desire to go into ministry. For me, it was something that happened gradually over time. I joined a church staff in a paid position about 9 years ago. Prior to that, I served in a variety of ways as a volunteer in my home church. 

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6) Where did you grow up?
Corona, California. It was a sleepy suburban community bordering dairy farms, small enough to feel like you could know everyone, safe enough to just take a sleeping bag out into the countryside with your teenage friends and stay for the night.

7) What is your favorite place to eat in town?
Azteca del Sol Mexican Restaurant on E. Natomas. Great chips and salsa – like candy. And the owner is gracious, outgoing, and let’s me walk into his kitchen. He helps me practice speaking Spanish and doesn’t make fun of me. 

8) If you could change one thing about Folsom, what would it be?
The brand. I am tired of people identifying Folsom with prison or Intel. Neither are bad things. But, I want people who hear about Folsom to say “hey, Doug, you live in that place where people are so loving, they are making a difference all around the world”. The truth is, we can be that kind of place and that kind of people. Can’t we?

9) What are you most proud of in your life?
When my children exhibit attitudes or character like Jesus.

10) What’s in your CD player right now?
A DVD that won’t play, because this computer doesn’t have a DVD drive. How could I have known? The last CD I listened to was Switchfoot. I could sing “Dare you to move” all day long.

11) What’s your guilty pleasure?
Political Commentary on TV. You know, O’ Reilly Factor, Hannity and Colmes. Man, if I can eat a plate of food, while playing an online pokerstars tournament (for fun, not real money), and listen to political TV… now that’s a guilty pleasure.

12) If you were granted one wish, what would you use it for?
Stiffer punishment for parole violators, Stan… and …World Peace! OK, seriously; I wish God would reveal the cure to cancer, leukemia, and AIDS. I wish children in Central African countries would never be conscripted into rebel armies and be forced to kill or be killed. I wish India would totally abandon the caste system. I wish every person could hear about the life and message of Jesus in a way they could understand. 

13) If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world and cost was no object, where would you go?
If time and cost were no object. I would take oldest son on a 2 month surf trip beginning in Oregon and going south 100 miles a day until we reached the tip of South America. 

14) What are your hobbies?
I enjoy talking with people, business consulting, playing basketball, woodworking, fixing things around the house, stamp collecting, selling stuff on craigslist, surfing in warm water and reading about what God is doing around the world through Christians who are serving Him.

15) What’s your biggest regret?
I didn’t fly home to be part of my best friend’s wedding twenty years ago.

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16) Celebrity people say you most resemble?
Frazier’s brother Niles. Was he gay on that show? 

17) If you were granted 60 seconds of commercial time during the Super Bowl, how would you use it?
I would share the life and message of Jesus Christ and if I had time, the difference it has made to me.

18) What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Business processes that don’t work. Waiting in the checkout line that moves slower than the others.

19) If you could open a business in Folsom, what would it be?
A teen center that was open Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights.

20) Favorite Saturday Night Live skit of all time?
Chevy Chase following commentary by Jane Curtain on the News. Chevy would say “Jane, you ignorant…”. A total ad hominem attack that seemed to utterly discount whatever argument she was making. While I am still laughing, Gilda Radner as Rosanne Rosanna-Rosanna Danna would totally misunderstand whatever news story she was covering, only to be corrected, to which she replied with her famous words… “Oh, that’s different! Never mind”.

So I end this interview, if I have totally misunderstood anything and rambled on with irrelevant answers… accept my apology. “Oh, that’s different! Never mind”.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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