Mmm… Mexquite…

Far over on the other side from town from us is Mexquite… an elusive Mexican restaurant that I’ve been wanting to stop by for some time, but we never find our way over in the Empire Ranch area. This may change!

Mexquite was an interesting place to walk in to – never have I seen leather couches outside of a restaurant for the waiting area. The couches looked comfy but there was no chance to check them out – there was no waiting and we went right in.

Mexquite Mexican Restaurant, Folsom CA 
Every now and then you go somewhere and feel partially sad that you’ve been missing out on a place for a while… this is one of those places! Great atmosphere. Seems like it’s got a “no kids” vibe to the place, though we did see a few. Festive flags hanging from the ceiling, cool music playing, lots of people inside. Mexquite definitely has made a name for itself. Despite being in an obscure part of town, they seem to be doing well.

I ordered pork tamales and Annie had the a chicken dish she’d never had before. I saw that the tamales could be ordered as 1, 2, or 3 items… my logic was that the portions were on the small side, so I should probably order 2 items. My logic was wrong! I had a huge plate of food – way more than I could eat. The tamales were quite hot (both spicy and temperature), but tasty.

Annie’s chicken dish looked pretty tasty. It came with some sort of odd cream sauce that tasted a bit like applesauce! I’d never heard of such a dish before but it was pretty good, I had a bite of it and I admit I had dinner envy.

Mexquite is a festive adult crowd; I’m pretty sure we’ll be back. If I had to nitpick I’d say the chips were on the “well done” side but all in all a good dinner experience!

Rating (out of 5): 5
2-person Meal: $20-$30
Style of Food: Mexican

Reviewed by John Gladding

25095 Blue Ravine Road