Rice Express Thrives

When you pass the empty corner where Ralph’s Market on Blue Ravine in Folsom once sat, you might think nothing is going on the west side of the street. But when you turn onto Natoma Street you see an array of very successful businesses continuing to thrive, even with all the odds against them. Having come from one business that was devastated by the loss of a major anchor in Folsom, I am in awe that anyone can survive, much less thrive in this environment. But Rice Express, Roma’s Pizza, Quiznos and Tasty Time Ice Cream are doing it.
Rice Express has been dishing it up for years in Folsom. The small yet very clean and pleasant establishment serves both lunch and dinner, and of course has everything available to go. I have tried all the Chinese Restaurants in Folsom and I just keep coming back to Rice Express. They pretty much have the standard array of Chinese food items including seafood, beef, pork, chicken vegetables, egg foo young, chow mein and so forth. They have the combination “family” dinners and of course your Po Po Platter.

My favorite items at Rice Express are often the specials. Most of these involve vegetables that are in season. You have to check out the large white board as you go into the restaurant, or call and ask. My other “standards” when ordering take-out are the General’s Chicken (the best in Folsom), Sesame Chicken, Fried Crab Meat Cheese Wontons and the Shrimp with Lobster Sauce. If eating on site, besides the seasonal vegetables, I will often order one of the Sizzling Plates of either Seafood or Beef, Chicken and Pork combined. Their Pan Fried noodles are also very good, especially when dining at the restaurant.

Rice Express serves Beer and Wine and has Daily Lunch Specials as well as your standard lunch combo plates found at almost all Chinese Restaurants from 11 to 3 p.m. The difference though between Rice Express and the others is the fresh taste of the items. My daughter will often drive from her home in downtown Sacramento, just to meet me at Rice Express for lunch, because she likes it better than the options on her end of town.

Over time I hope to write a review for each of these restaurants that are stuck in this black hole of Folsom. They each should be awarded for their ability to endure the bleakness of the situation and supported for their ability to stand strong when many others in similar situations have failed. Long Live the Mom & Pop Business!

Style of food: Chinese
2-person dinner: $ 15.00
Overall rating (out of 5): 4.0

Review by Randy Aspinall

Rice Express
25004 Blue Ravine Rd #115