Curry Club Review

With the help of Mylo, my co-foodie-commando in need of grub, another restaurant recon mission has been successful. We completed another culinary expedition into uncharted new territory in town where our mission was to eat lunch and check out this new place.

The Curry Club Indian Bistro is now open and we were there to try them out on day three.

When I opened the door to go inside… I just expected it to be an average looking place (ala Taj India), but to my surprise, this restaurant is nicely done inside. It’s well decorated, and they had an elegant buffet displayed in decorative copper pots. Upon first look, I am impressed, nice ambiance. They also had some good cultural Indian music playing that did well to set the mood for the cuisine.

For lunch we had the buffet consisting of; rice pulao, karahi chicken in yellow curry, makhanwala chicken in red curry, veggie pakora, chana poori, cucumber raita, mango chutney and a host of other sauces and sides, and to finish there was gulab jamun.

Everything was tasty, the curries each had their unique flavors with different blends of spicy and sweet. From the rice to the chicken, vegetables and even the dessert, everything was on par with good quality and good tastes.

The buffet line was well done, the foods were all in these big unique copper vessels that were all labeled so you knew what you were trying and everything was nice and hot with the staff right there to answer any questions and help out. The buffet also included naan bread, which was fresh baked in a tandoori oven and we each had some Taj beer imported from India. That’s actually a pretty good pale ale, give it a try sometime.

Everything tasted very good, my favorite was the makhani (chicken) and the chana poori (chick peas). The staff was attentive and over all it was a good experience.

Obviously word is out about this place because by the time we left, it was packed with customers… we’ll be back.

Reviewed by Dave Burrell

196 Blue Ravine Rd. #130
Folsom, CA
(916) 335-0855