Aloha Sushi Review

2791 E. Bidwell St.

Had a chance to try out a some sushi places in town recently with a few friends and we finally tried out Aloha Sushi this week. I’ve been there before but it was fun doing some benchmark comparisons between similar restaurants.

Found one very important thing, that Aloha gets their fish from Alaska and the fresh high quality fish they use really shows in the very good tastes found in all their dishes. They have a very good amount of base sushi/sashimi to choose from along with many very unique and very good tasting combination rolls.

The ambiance is nice, the staff attentive and the owner, Tommy is there helping out daily, making the rounds and treating customers very well. Tommy really makes it a fun experience to dine there because he takes the time to talk with customers, make suggestions, and explain the different combos.

The entire dinner was very good, we had fun sampling all kinds of sushi and various rolls, and every dish was top notch and tasted very good.

Nothing beats a night out with friends, dining on some very good sushi and having some good sake together.

I used to be a huge fan of Taiko sushi but after trying out Aloha I have to now say that they’re my favorite and the place I will recommend to everyone. So….if you like sushi – check out Aloha Sushi and give them a try.

Rating (out of 5)

Cost $46, 2 people

Ambiance: 4
Service: 5
Food: 5