Islands is a Hit

An interesting trend has started in Folsom – Southern California chains are making their way up north. BJ’s Restaurant Brewery, Rubio’s, and now Islands Burgers are now rooted down in Folsom. Judging by the crowds, they’ll probably be here a while!

Islands Restaurant - Folsom, CA

 I got my first exposure to Islands when visiting a friend down in Orange County (don’t you dare call it “LA”, they’re not too keen on this catch-all term). At any rate, the place was nice enough for us to remember it – when I heard Islands was coming to Folsom, I was pretty happy!

We wandered in during the first week of their opening. We walked right in at 11:30 – got a table immediately, and were greeted by the festive, party-like atmosphere. We just felt cool simply by association! From the shiny surfboard tables to the palm trees out front… the only place I could compare it to is Beach Hut deli, but it was definitely a beach vibe, complete with calypso music.

Our server was prompt, and definitely had a great attitude – happy to be serving us. We were pleasantly surprised by the unique menu… typically in the burger chains (Red Robin, Chili’s, Applebees), they have a standard burger menu – from bacon cheeseburgers to maybe avacado burgers, but nothing you’d have to think about. Islands had a variety of burgers and entrees that were all pretty unique. Check out their menu to see what I mean.

I had the Kiluea Burger – a spicy deal complete with jalapenos, chipotle, and battered onion strings… this was a work of art. Very tasty, and very large. I had a bit of heartburn afterward, but I had it coming… it was worth it!

You want to hear large? Try their fries. I’m not talking about ‘date nibbling some fries off your plate’, I’m talking “college student meal, and then some leftovers”. We had a monster basket of fries (I seriously think it was their small), and we didn’t really even dent it. So with half a burger and plenty of fries, I literally had 2 meals out of this.

I was there with my wife and mother-in-law – they had the baja soft tacos, and the toucan chicken sandwich. Both were impressed with the portion size and they thought they tasted pretty good.

We were all pretty impressed with Islands – we’ll be back, but probably not for a cheap lunch. Perhaps for a night out, or taking out business associates. The tab was a bit steep… the only downside of an otherwise excellent restaurant.

Style of food: American Burgers
3 person lunch (3 entrees, fries, 3 drinks): $35
Overall rating (out of 5): 4.5

Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks
2455 Iron Point Rd
(916) 983-4092