Early Toast Review

Sunday morning, Annie and I had a rare morning with only one child and decided to check out Early Toast. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this place or where it’s located, it’s a relatively new breakfast and lunch spot, located where My Grandma’s Kitchen used to be in the Raley’s center over by Empire Ranch.

Though the location may be the same, the ambiance and food is not. We immediately noticed lots of booths and outdoor seating to take advantage of nice weather; the decor and tables inside looked quite expensive. Heavy stone tops and nice chairs certainly set this place apart from the former tenants.

The food was pretty tasty; I ordered a vegetable skillet – a potato and veggie combination, with cheese sprinkled on top with a couple of eggs to go with it, and a bagel on the side ($8.50 for all of it). Annie got the oatmeal, which is her standard breakfast; though I must note she had plate envy and picked on my meal for some time. It really didn’t matter, as the portions were generous. Nick was happy with his Mickey Mouse pancakes. Always a pleaser for a 5-year old.

All in all, a good meal. The only downfall may be the cost – her oatmeal was $6.50(!), but my meal was decently priced for the amount of food. For the three of us it was something like $24.50. It was a tad on the high side; however it can’t be easy to be a small business these days. I’ll pay a couple extra bucks for a local restaurant. Most recent businesses which have failed seemed to have low cost as a common theme. Sadly, it makes it difficult to be profitable, methinks.

We’ll go again… the food was good, and wait staff friendly!

Style of food: American
Food: 4.5
Service: 4.5
Ambiance: 4

3-person breakfast: $24.50

Early Toast
25075 Blue Ravine Road Ste 100

reviewed by John Gladding