Fat’s Asia Bistro – Expenive But Worth It

Upon entering Fat’s, I already had a preconceived notion of what to expect – really good Chinese food, nice decor, higher prices. I don’t think I missed the mark much.

We were fortunate enough to visit Fat’s less than a week after it’s grand opening – we went on a business lunch with some co-workers, and we got a table very quickly at around 11:30. I guess I was expecting more of a line, but I’ll take it!

Fat's Asia Bistro and Dim Sum Bar, Folsom

 Upon entering, you can’t miss the larger-than-life Buddha right in the middle of the restaurant, coupled with a big pond in front of it. 4 embalmed (don’t ask) palm trees in the outside part of the main area, aswell as seating in the outer areas of the restaurant. I actually thought it looked a little small, but the place was pretty first-class. Our waitress was dressed in a stunning Oriental-style dress, as was all of the staff… we certainly knew this place did not spare any expenses – they pulled out all the stops for this beautiful restaurant.

The food was awesome. We started out with a dim sum sampler, which we quickly gobbled up – if you have never had dim sum, they are a collection of small dishes, traditionally served for snacks and lunch in China. We had three small items – pot stickers, pork shu mei, and a vegetable wrap. Once the main course arrived, we then had a variety of dishes served family-style – kung pao shrimp (just because I like to say “Kung POW!”), sweet and sour pork (you can never go wrong), and the hands-down favorite, mango ginger chicken. This was a new dish for us, but I’d definitely order it again.

It was a fun experience for us. You could definitely enjoy the family feel of the place, yet you really felt as though you were dining with the ‘upper crust’ of Folsom. We weren’t incredibly surprised for the high bill, but if you are expecting a $5 lunch special, this is not the place. The high prices may have been a negative mark, but I really think it’s because the whole place, from staff to food, is first-rate. I would definitely recommend it if you are trying to win over some clients, a hot date, or looking for a nice restaurant for a night out on the town… I think Fat’s is already a front-runner for the next “Best of Folsom”!

Style of food: Gourmet Chinese
2-person lunch (entrees, appetizers, drinks): $45
Overall rating (out of 5): 5

Fat’s Asia Bistro and Dim Sum Bar
2585 Iron Point Rd
Folsom CA 95630