Waffle Barn – Fast & Friendly

This morning I took my family out to try out the new breakfast/lunch place that just recently opened, called The Waffle Barn. 

The restaurant occupies the old Mission Rogelio Mexican restaurant in the Wal-Mart strip mall. Located right next door to the Tokyo Sushi restaurant near 24 hour fitness at 1002 Riley St.

Despite the place being crowded when we arrived, we found there was not a long wait and we got seated very quickly. The ambiance inside is ok; it’s got the structure of the old Mexican restaurant with a high exposed dark ceiling and white walls, and the chairs, tables and booths are the same furniture that was there before. They’ve also got a built in counter where about 8-10 people can sit near the front by the kitchen, that reminded me of a cool old diner. The restaurant is pretty big and can really hold a lot of people, it was almost packed to capacity while we were there with many seniors and families with kids and couples, it was a good crowd, typical of what you’d expect at a good breakfast place on a weekend morning. 

My daughter and I each ordered one of the combo breakfasts consisting of a waffle, eggs, hash browns, sausage/bacon with OJ (her) and coffee (me), and my wife ordered the California Omelet and some hot tea. 

The coffee refills were kind of slow and I had to ask for them, but the place was packed so it was no biggie, especially since they brought it out quickly after I asked. 

One thing that was really nice was that the staff was ultra friendly, attentive and they provided very fast service… we were amazed at how fast the food came out – and that really surprised us being there were so many people there… this place really knows how to cook…. 

The food was pretty good; it’s your average breakfast. My eggs came out exactly how I ordered them (which is nice), over medium and not overcooked, my daughters scrambled eggs looked good. They offer country potatoes or hash brown potatoes, I got the hash browns and I liked that they came unsalted; I prefer to add my own s&p to sides like that. The sausage was the link kind and was good, and the bacon was cooked nice and crisp (I just had to sneak a piece from my daughter’s plate to um, er test it…heh). Now although I rarely order waffles, I have to say that the one I got was actually pretty darn good, nice and fluffy and tasty and cooked just right, I enjoyed it very much. 

I have to note that the servings were huge, almost too huge, I think next time, the misses and I will share an omelet or the like, because it was more food then we needed and we ended up bringing some home for the pooches. (which again was no biggie) 

Maybe I should recommend or suggest that they offer half plates order someday.. 

An interesting and curious thing I found while there… 
As we were paying the bill, I saw a waitress taking out the biggest plate of food I’ve ever seen! Being curious, I asked her about it and she said it was their barn sized skillet plate and had over a pound (or two?) of potatoes on it! The entire plate was piled at least 5-7 inches high with potatoes, meats, cheese, etc..– no exaggeration… it was enormous! The waitress said they have a contest that if the patron can eat the entire plate in one sitting; they get their name put up on a skillet wall of fame. When I looked over at the guy who was getting the plate..… and saw how he was Paul Bunyan sized (he made me look like a midget), I said – “now there’s a serious contender”! Heheh that was a seriously insane amount of food – it could’ve fed a family of four. If he can get all that down, he deserves an award !

Bottom line, I’d say the Waffle Barn was good, it’s your basic standard breakfast fare with a fast and friendly staff and very good prices that only ranged from 5.95 to 8.95 

Someday soon I want to go back and try out one of their specialty waffles such as their blueberry… or apple walnut… or strawberry almond or …

Waffle Barn
1002 Riley St

Rating (out of 5): 4
Cost: $45 – 4 people
Ambiance: 3
Service: 4
Food: 4

Reviewed by Dave Burell