Sutter Club

The Sutter Club is, well… a dive bar. There’s nothing wrong with that. Every town needs a place that serves stiff drinks at a modest price, with lots of college students to cram in it. The Sutter Club is just that.

This place is always a popular destination for the younger bar-hopping crowd – it is not unusual to bump in to old acquaintances here and stumble out at closing time. The music is loud, the place is crowded, but there’s fun to be had here. If you are familiar with Sacramento bars, think the Zebra Club. This place is just along those lines.

Sutter Club’s best advantage is it’s location. Right in the heart of Sutter Street, it is within walking distance to other bars, and is always an attractive option when the cover charge is too expensive at the other bars. You can’t go wrong at this place, it’s never an unpopular option to grab some pitchers or a stiff Long Island.

Saddle up a stool and call a cab, because there’s drinking to be had here.


Rating (Out of 5):

Crowd: College age
Beverages: Bar & Well drinks
Location: Sutter Street
Space: not much
Entertainment: darts, pool