Streets of London

however if Guinness is your idea of a perfect beverage, pull up a stool and sit a while. 

While you’re here, make sure you order up some fish & chips (those are “freedom fries” to us Yankees) or bangers & mash (Sausages & mashed potatoes), for it will fill you up very nicely while watching Manchester United on the teli. Cheers, mate. This place is just for you. 

The Restaurant: The Bar:
Rating (Out of 5):          

Rating (Out of 5):

2-person meal: $15-25
Style of food: British Pub food
Overall rating (out of 5): 4
Crowd: anyone and everyone who fancies an English pub
Beverages: assorted lagers & ales
Location: East Bidwell, by McDonald’s and DollarTree
Space: plenty
Entertainment: pool, darts