Don’t Forget Red Robin!

One of the often overlooked restaurants in Folsom is Red Robin… since it’s a fairly famous restaurant chain, people don’t tend to talk about it much… but it’s still a great place to eat. It’s your typical 1950’s era diner, mixed with 1980’s pop-culture type flair. It’s a great place to take the kids, and for the younger crowd, is a very non-threatening place to take a date, as long as you both don’t mind the party atmosphere. 

Red Robin

Red Robin is my kind of place: I am definitely your meat-and-potatoes type of guy. This is why I love it… they have incredible hamburgers (as well as chicken burgers), and they all come with bottomless steak fries. I could fill up alone on the fries, they are that good. Plus, their clucks (chicken strips) & fries are always a crowd pleaser. They also have some desserts which are to die for – make sure you get 2 spoons, because they usually give you a hearty portion.

Not the healthiest food in the world, but boy, is it good.

When you’re looking for a sit-down restaurant where everybody likes to have a good time, give Red Robin a try. It will satisfy your tastebuds, and won’t put that bad of a dent in your wallet. 

2-person dinner: $20-25
Style of food: Traditional American
Overall rating (out of 5): 4

Reviewed by John Gladding

Red Robin
1011 Riley St