Why So Quiet, Taiko?

Already a hit at 10th and K downtown and now the best sushi in Folsom, in my opinion, Taiko is a little sleeper restaurant waiting for its big bang take off welcoming from its Folsom neighbors.

Why so quiet, Taiko? Perhaps Big BJ’s next door is stealing all your limelight. But you’re the underdog that will survive that test. I am sure of it… This place has a lot to brag about: chic, elegant, Asian contemporary, clean design. Beautiful people, décor and lively, skilled sushi chefs. Wonderful menu and happening sushi bar complete with live sports broadcasts on either side every night. I love this little place. You have the quality of a little hole in the wall authentic sushi joint, but with this huge, open, upscale, sleek interior ambience that draws people right inside.

The food is fresh, mouth popping, and exciting. A little bite-sized piece of art in each dish awaits you. I loved everything I tried. And the prices are easier on the wallet compared to that other little popular sushi hotspot down the highway in Rancho. What’s its name again? Doesn’t matter.

Try Taiko Sushi. You’ll never have a reason to leave Folsom for good sushi again!

For the lovely Taiko staff, I have two tips for you to turn the volume up a bit so Folsom residents keep coming back:

  • First tip: clone Susan; she’s a fantastic waitress (I mean table service engineer)! So, I’m going to ask for her table every time I come in now. (Residents, you’ll recognize Susan’s friendly face too, she used to bag up your groceries down the road at Albertson’s on Blue Ravine and E. Bidwell.)

  • Tip two: Taiko, you really must liven up your music selection. I think the atmosphere you’re going for is hipper and louder than an elevator. Right? Find some hip Japanese techno sounds to match the eye catching retro visuals you already offer guests.

1-person entrées: $5-12
Style of food: Sushi and other Japanese dishes
Overall rating (out of 5): 4.9 (You get a full 5 when you fix the music issues! Wink Wink

Reviewed by Ellen Powers

Taiko Sushi
2700 East Bidwell, Ste 100