Me Ro, Me Like

The best part about this sushi bar and restaurant is their extensive selection of Japanese and Korean dishes.  If you like Korean BBQ, the chefs at Me Ro are bound to be your new favorites.  

Located across from the Lake Natoma Inn in Old Folsom, and next door to Zinfandel Grill, the Me Ro restaurant is relatively new.  I can’t remember the name of the sushi restaurant that was in that location before, but Me Ro has definitely made a bigger impression on me.  Ok, so the interior is a little dated and all the furniture is the same as it was in the last place, but the food is really good and the service is always excellent.  “Tony,” who I guess is the new owner, is as good humored and as personable as they come.  He makes everyone feel right at home in his restaurant and like coming back every week for more.

Some of my favorite menu items include the Tempura, the Me Ro Roll, the Rainbow Roll, and pretty much all the sashimi choices.  A special treat, if you like Korean veggie specialties, accompanies every order and includes a selection of kim chee, pickled shredded radish, cucumbers and sprouts.  Other popular dishes include the BBQ beef short ribs, BBQ pork, teriyaki beef, chicken or salmon, and the sesame chicken.  You can’t complete your dinner experience here without ordering at least one order of gyoza (the delicious deep fried potstickers).  The lunch boxes are a great way to try a combination of varieties. 

Me Ro is open for lunch Tuesday – Friday and for dinner Tuesday – Sunday (closed on Mondays).  Reservations are not required.  Take out is available by calling 985-3688.

2 persons: $25
Style of food: Korean & Japanese
Overall rating (out of 5): 5

Reviewed by Ellen Powers

Me Ro Korean & Japanese Restaurant
705 Gold Lake Dr #90