Taqueria – Muy Bien!

Before I met my girlfriend (now my wife), I never really cared for mexican food. I think my palatte was limited to my mom’s store-bought taco shells and the tacos she made. My mom, bless her heart, was a great cook, but she did not do mexican food justice. I guess we just never went out to mexican food, which is too bad, because I never discovered places like Taqueria La Mexicana until I met my wife. She was born & raised in California and her parents knew all the “good spots”. I now love mexican food more than any other type of restaurant. It’s a great thing, because Folsom’s got a ton of great mexican restaurants.

Tucked away in a strip center that needs a little love, Taqueria La Mexicana is blossoming in to a popular spot – probably because the food is damn good! This place is commonly known as “the taqueria by the movie theater”. If you ever went to Sharky’s, this restaurant took its place when it closed its doors.

“Foodies” who are mexican food lovers will truly appreciate this place – the food is fast, authentic, and really good. I would say the food is on par with La Fiesta, which is quite a compliment, because La Fiesta is a great restaurant. Start with the free fresh chips and salsa (you will always score points with me on that), and order up some “street” tacos, or any of the burritos. I go with the street tacos every time because the verde salsa they put in it has just the right amount of kick – enough to make it very tasty, and a perfect compliment to a cold cerveza. My wife usually gets the shrimp tacos and whole beans, but to be honest, I’m usually too busy scarfing down my meal to pay attention to hers (Is that wrong?). All I know is, the food is really, really good. If you work for Intel, this is the best option at lunchtime – close, fast, and the price is very reasonable.

Anyway, back to the restaurant… the thing I like about this place is that you truly feel like you are supporting a family here. All the employees are happy to tell you about how their day is going, tell you about their family, greet you with a smile when you come in. I’m happy to give them my service because I feel that at least I know my money is helping put food on somebody’s table.

Did I mention the plasma TV on the wall? Nice… I don’t care if soccer’s all that is on, all I need is a cold Corona, some street tacos, and that TV – it makes for a fine time.

Style: Mexican
2-person meal: $15
Rating (out of 5): 5

Reviewed by John Gladding

Taqueria La Mexicana
313 Iron Point Road