“Streets” Hits the Spot

British pub is making itself right at home on East Bidwell, between McDonald’s and Starbucks Coffee. Formerly St. James Gate, Streets of London is modeled after the popular midtown Sacramento bar of the same name.

For you blokes who fancy a pint of lager and a rousing game of Soccer on TV, this is your destination. This place sports a variety of lagers on tap, which means there are not too many Budweiser drinkers here… however if Guinness is your idea of a perfect beverage, pull up a stool and sit a while.

While you’re here, make sure you order up some fish & chips (those are “freedom fries” to us Yankees) or bangers & mash (Sausages & mashed potatoes), for it will fill you up very nicely while watching Manchester United on the teli. Cheers, mate. This place is just for you.

The Restaurant: The Bar:
Rating (Out of 5):  

Rating (Out of 5):

2-person meal: $15-25
Style of food: British Pub food
Overall rating (out of 5): 4
Crowd: anyone and everyone who fancies an English pub
Beverages: assorted lagers & ales
Location: East Bidwell, by McDonald’s and DollarTree
Space: plenty
Entertainment: pool, darts

Reviewed by Ellen Powers

Streets of London
649 East Bidwell