City Gym Application Draws Fire

Despite a new sports complex being built, an aquatic center that is losing $400,000 annually, not enough money to finish local parks, and less money from the state, the City of Folsom is applying for a grant to build a new city gym at Lembi Park. Needless to say, many people don’t feel it makes fiscal sense. More in the Bee.

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Folsom Zoo Bear Exhibit Opens

Phase II of the Black Bear exhibit at the Folsom Zoo has been opened, with more room for the bears to roam around, 11,600 feet to be exact. With the new exhibit come 2 new bears – Woody and Marty. Woody was an orphaned cub in the Tahoe area, while Marty has a permanent hip injury. Admission to the zoo is $2/kids and $3/adults.

* Bee Article

* Friends of the Folsom Zoo

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