Rubio’s is Tasty, Bro…

Rubio’s is easily our new favorite place to eat. The food is really good, the ambiance is fun, and best of all, it’s affordable! I mean, my wife and I can get a full meal for under ten bucks! My kids love the food too.

Rubio’s whole “style” is kind of a Southern California-surfer-cantina sort of vibe. You walk in and are greeted by a surfboard with its menu, and mexican music is piping through the airwaves. It’s got a great outdoor eating area, which is perfect on a warm spring lunch or dinner. But enough about that… let’s get to the food! My wife loves their fish tacos… they are quite famous for them. The fish is batter-dipped and put in a corn tortilla, with guacamole and all the regular fixin’s. On Tuesday nights, they are only a buck! 3 fish tacos and a cold Corona… now we’re talking!

I am a fan of their regular tacos – they have both “traditional” tacos and “street” tacos (the kind you may find on a street corner in Mexico, minus the flies). Both are excellent. For $3.99, you can get a taco “meal deal” complete with a taco, chips, rice, beans, and a drink. It’s plenty of food, and cheaper than fast food. For $4.99, you can get 3 street tacos, which are also a great deal. Top off your meal with a cold cerveza and a churro… you have a great meal, without breaking the bank.

2-person meal: $10-15
Style of Food: Fresh Mex
Rating (Out of 5): 5

Reviewed by John Gladding

Rubio’s Fresh Mex
2776 E Bidwell St Suite 100