Win-Win-Win: Folsom, Most Residents, Intel All Win

Folsom just got a little closer to its affordable housing goals on Tuesday night. Folsom gained 10 more acres for its affordable housing needs, Intel can now develop the rest of the property how it wants, and most of the residents are pleased with the greenbelt buffer in between Natoma Station and the new housing complex. Though most everyone is pleased, Southern Folsom residents in general are not happy about Folsom’s continued concentration of affordable housing in southern Folsom. More is in the Bee.

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Intel Cuts 100 Folsom Jobs; More on the Way

In what has been expected for a couple months, Intel Corporation has identified 500 positions to shed from IT (information Technology) in an effort to cut costs. 100 of these positions came directly from Folsom. In June, Intel will be eliminating 250 more jobs as well – it is not known how many will come from Folsom. More is in the Bee.

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