Ose Looks to Get a 4-Lane Bridge

With the impending traffic issues that will result from the Folsom Dam Road closure, Representative Doug Ose is seeking an additional 4-lane bridge spanning over the American River. The proposal has been mired in the fight between the Auburn Dam proponents and those wishing to raise Folsom Dam in the past, giving uncertainty to the bridge. Ose now plans on filing a separate bill, though it is still uncertain. More is in the Bee.
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Folsom Prison to Count Towards Low-Income Housing?

Don’t laugh, but Assemblyman Dave Cox is pushing to pass a bill which would virtually give Folsom exemption on affordable housing. Cox proposes to count beds in Folsom Prison towards the city’s affordable-housing goals, which would practically meet Folsom’s low-income housing needs. Unfortunately, as the legislature is largely Democrat-ruled, the bill would have very little chance of passing. More is in the Bee.