Due to the growth of Folsom, it was obvious to almost everyone by the 1980’s that the two-lane Rainbow Bridge could notLake Natoma Crossing carry the traffic. There was another crossing about two miles northeast over the Dam Road on Folsom Dam but it is owned by the State and is frequently closed for dam maintenance. When this happened, traffic congestion on the Rainbow Bridge was unbearable. Hazel Boulevard served as the only other means of crossing the bridge, and at the time, was one of the more popular routes to take if you lived on the other side of town.

After years of discussion about where a new crossing should be built and how it could be financed, the Lake Natoma Crossing over Lake Natoma was completed in 1999. To many of us it was a godsend. Not only was it a thing of beauty, but it connected both sides of Folsom and made it feel like one city. Traffic congestion had gotten so bad over the rainbow bridge that people living in Folsom on the north side of the River tended feel more a part of Orangevale than Folsom. That all changed with the Bridge opening.

Lake Natoma Crossing connects Folsom-Auburn Road on the north end to Folsom Blvd. on the south end. It carries four lanes of traffic plus bike lanes and pedestrian walkways on each side over Lake Natoma. Its wide median is also designed to eventually carry light rail to the north side of the river. It is truly a thing of beauty, and a much-needed addition to the city.