Folsom Lake Crossing was a huge hit since the day it was opened. When Folsom Dam was built, it had a service road that went over the top of it. An additional bridge was needed, but since the service road was there, it was never built. After 9/11, the road closed for good, closing a major artery in the city, and a traffic mess extended in to Old Folsom. Local politicians were successful in lobbying to raise money for the new bridge, and was opened in 2009.

The name of the bridge is a source of controversy. The public was invited to submit ideas fot the bridge name; 4 finalists were chosen – after Folsom Lake, Folsom Dam, Johnny Cash, and Granite City (Folsom’s original name). Johnny Cash was a popular favorite, as the bridge drives past Folsom Prison. The name ‘Folsom Lake Crossing’ was eventually chosen – Mayor Miklos wanted the city of Folsom’s name in the bridge, as it was instrumental in getting the bridge in town. Some locals still refer to the bridge as ‘Cash Crossing’ in protest.