Night of 1,000 Pumpkins - Folsom CA

October 25, 2013


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History of Night of 1,000 Pumpkins

This year's event is slated for October 25, 2013. Will this be the year we finally hit 1,000? Please bring a carved pumpkin to the event and enter to win a prize!

2012 was easily the biggest draw yet, in terms of pumpkins, and attendees. Thousands of people showed up, and we had approximately 850 pumpkins at the event. Intel stepped up in a major way, as they sponsored a massive pumpkin drive, bringing in almost 500 pumpkins to the event. The weather was quite agreeable for the evening, making for a fun night. 2012 was the first year with the new outdoor amphitheater behind the Chamber of Commerce building. Vendors lined up below by the Chamber of Commerce. 2012
The third year was a bit of a "coming out" party for the new-look Sutter Street. The streets had been re-paved and concrete was newly formed. The parking lot at Wool & Sutter was the focal point of the event, where tents and a movie screen were set up. We gave away an iPad 2 in our pumpkin raffle, and many other prizes were part of the huge event. We estimate around 500 pumpkins were displayed by the public! 2011
Sutter Street was a mess! The construction was the story of 2010. Streets were torn up and the median removed. People were walking on dirt. We made the most of it though - including some new things like an outdoor movie screen, which clearly was a hit. The main area was in the Hacienda parking lot, where construction lights from the remodel were put to good use. We brought in around 350 pumpkins. We knew we needed to raise the stakes in 2011 to convince attendees to bring jack-o-lanterns! 2010
2009 was the inaugural year of Night of 1,000 Pumpkins. We didn't know what to expect, as we were dependent on others to make the event a success - plus we had no idea if people would show up! We were fortunate to get TV coverage from News10 and Good Day Sacramento. To our amazement, thousands of people attended the event! We soon realized that it was a good idea, and closing off the street would be required the following year. We brought in something like 400 pumpkins. Not bad! The inaugural year was the last year before Sutter Street remodeled and removed its medians. 2009